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How Do Vibrators Work?

The movement of a vibrator is created by an electrical mechanism inside it. The motors in battery-powered vibrators are small and have an off-center weight that spins around, making them shake. Larger, plug-in vibrators have bigger, more powerful motors, and some models use spinning electromagnetic coils to create movement.

Do all Vibrators Feel the Same?

No, vibrators vary greatly in speed and intensity of vibration, from a gentle hum to a merciless throb. Some have multiple speeds and settings, and the material that they are made out of will also affect the sensation produced. Battery-powered vibrators are generally less powerful, while plug-in electrical models have stronger motors.

Is a vibrator the same as a massager?

The term massager suggests nonsexual use to alleviate muscle pain and tension, while the word vibrator carries more sexual overtones. A massager may be used as a vibrator depending on the design.

Can I use a massager for masturbation?

Yes, as long as its design is adaptable to use on the genital area.

Can I insert a vibrator in my vagina?

Most dildo type (penis shaped) vibrators can be safely inserted in the vagina. Use lubrication, start slow, and don't force it. Stop if you experience pain.

Can I insert a vibrator in my arse?

Most dildo type (penis shaped) vibrators can be inserted in the arse, but you shouldn't insert anything in your ass that doesn't have a flange or wide base at the bottom that will keep it from going all the way inside you. If you want to combine anal stimulation and vibration, use a vibrating probe especially designed for anal use, or a vibrating butt plug.

How do I use vibrators to stimulate my G-spot?

Insert the vibrator 2 to 3 inches into the vagina and angle it up, toward your belly button, so it presses the upper vaginal wall. Stroke the vibrator in and out, pressing up on the outstroke. If you feel like you have to pee, you're doing it right.

How do I use vibrators to stimulate my prostate?

Lubricate your vibrator and insert it about 2 to 3 inches into your ass. Angle it toward your belly button and switch it on.

What kind of lube should I use on my vibrator?

Water-based lube is compatible with all types of vibrating sex toys and are the easiest to clean up. Although you should not use silicone based lube on your silicone toy.

Should I put a condom over my vibrator?

For solo play, a condom is not necessary unless you really want to make clean up easy. If you are sharing your vibrator with a sex partner (or partners), put a condom over it and change the condom each time it is used by a different person. In either case, if you are inserting the vibrator both vaginally and anally, use a condom on the vibrator and change it between orifices to avoid infection.

Can a vibrator give me my first orgasm?

Probably. Many women experience their first orgasm with the help of a vibrator. (Men are usually able to achieve their first climax through manual stimulation.)

If I use a vibrator, will I still be a virgin?

That depends on how you use it and how you define virginity.

What is the fastest way to reach orgasm?

What causes a woman to climax the quickest can vary from person to person. However, many women will come very quickly by applying the stimulus of a vibrator to their clitoris. Different types of vibrators will work best for different women. You just have to find the type of stimulation you like.

I still can't come. What am I doing wrong?

You may have a vibrator that just isn't right for you, or you may not have found the ideal spot for stimulating yourself. If you have put a lot of time and effort into attempting to climax, and feel that you keep getting "close" but can't seem to actually orgasm, there may be psychological or physical factors that are inhibiting your response.

My vibrator isn't getting me off anymore. What's wrong?

There could be a couple of reasons for this. The vibrator or the batteries in it may be wearing out, so it is less effective. Alternately, you may be getting "desensitized" to the sensation of that particular vibrator. Some people find they need to switch to a different vibrator at a certain point. Also, other psychological or physiological factors may be affecting your sexual responsiveness.

How should I store my vibrators?

Keep it in a secure, dry location where it will not be moved around a lot. Under the bed in a shoe box is usually a safe bet. Take the batteries out when you store it.

How should I clean my vibrator?

Use mild soap and warm water, or use a commercially available sex toy cleaning solution. Don't submerge your vibrator if it is not waterproof.

Can I get my vibrator wet?

Don't get your vibrator wet (i.e., take it in the shower, bath, pool, or otherwise submerge it) unless it is waterproof and designed to be used in water.

What's the best vibrator for a man?

Men can use vibrators in a lot of different ways, so the best vibrator for a man depends on what part of his anatomy he wants to stimulate and how. And thanks to the technology of miniature vibrators, it's possible to put a vibrator just about anywhere you want it.

How can a woman us a vibrator on a man?

A woman can use a vibrator to stimulate a man's penis and balls, and if it's an insertable vibrator, his prostate.

Is it safe for a man to use a vibrator on his balls?

Yes. Occasional mild vibration of the testes should not damage the testes or affect their function.

What are vibrating cock rings?

Its a band that goes around the base of the cock and has a small vibrator attached to stimulate the wearer or his partner. The ring helps maintain erection by restricting blood flow in the penis.

What is a vibrating penis pump?

A vibrating penis pump is a tube that creates a vacuum around the penis, causing it to become engorged, that also contains a small vibrator for additional stimulation.

What is are vibrating butt plugs?

A vibrating butt plug is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a butt plug that has a vibrator inside it. The vibrator may be built into the plug, or it may fit into the base of the toy and be removable. The latter is preferable for ease of use and versatility.

Can I hurt myself with a vibrator?

Vibrators are as safe as any other small electrical device as long as they're used according the instructions and with common sense.

Can I get an infection from my vibrator?

Yes, women can get yeast infections or bacterial vaginal infections from using vibrators or other sex toys that have not been properly cleaned. You can also get a vaginal infection if the vibrator spreads germs from the anal area to the vagina (i.e., if you use it in or near your anus, and then use it in or near your vagina without washing it first). Sex toys should always be cleaned after use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water, or a disinfectant sex toy cleanser, and should likewise be washed after being used anally before being used in or near the vagina.

Can I electrocute myself with my vibrator?

This is unlikely. Battery-powered vibrators do not have enough voltage to cause serious injury. It may be possible to electrocute yourself with a plug-in vibrator such as the Magic Wand, but the danger is no more than that of using a hair dryer or other small electrical appliance. Exercise the same safety cautions you would in using any plug-in electric device, and keep it away from water.

What should I do if I get a vibrator stuck in my vagina?

Turn it off. Try to relax. Breathe. Get some lube up in there and try to ease it out while bearing down with your pelvic muscles.

What if I get a vibrator stuck in my arse?

Turn it off. Try to relax. Breathe. Lube your rectum as much as possible and bear down like you're taking a bowel movement. If it still doesn't budge, head to the emergency room immediately. Having a blocked bowel is a serious health condition.

Is it possible for a hard plastic vibrator to break and injure me?

Although unlikely, this is possible, and the risk increases with the age of the vibrator. To avoid such a scenario, examine your vibrator before use, checking for cracks or unusual noises. Better yet, buy a vibrator made of an unbreakable material.

How long can a vibrator be used before throwing it away?

A vibrator's durability depends on its quality, type, and what it's made of. A vibrator's lifespan can be anywhere from a few months to several years. In general, don't keep an inexpensive plastic or rubber vibrator for more than 3 years. More expensive electrical vibrators can be used until they quit working.

What is a multifunction vibrator?

"Multifunction" can mean that the vibrator produces stimulation in more than one way, or that it stimulates different parts of the anatomy simultaneously.

What are the best batteries to use in a vibrator?

Use alkaline batteries designed for use in high-drain electronic devices.


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