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Wand Attachments for Adam & Eve Magic Wand

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You may never want to leave the bedroom again once you try these delightful Wand Attachments.
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You may never want to leave the bedroom again once you try these delightful Wand Attachments.So you have your wand and you've realised what all the fuss was about...why didn't I get one sooner you ask yourself?? Not only is it a great use alone vibrating tool but you can now have more fun with it if you use an attachment. Have a look and see which one you'd love to try with your new best friend. PLEASE NOTE: these are sold separately! White Bird - This g-spot attachment when attached to your wands is the recipe for an erotic, sensual explosive time. Just slip the attachment over the head of your massager and away you go! Curved just right to hit the g-spot every time, the Bird Wand attachment is likely to become your new best friend.  Magic Wand - It is designed to do its job thoroughly but gently, with a hollow shape that's mildly flexible and has a light touch and weight, yet carries vibration extremely well. Tri-Gasam - A flexible, textured sleeve for your wand that will enhance the sexy sensations it gives you. Simply fit the sleeve over the head of your wand and off you go.The anal stimulator is short yet girthy and surrounded by nodules to stimulate your perenium as well as offering a satisfying internal sensation. The upwardly-curved bulb designed with a forward-reaching tip with a smooth, flat head, it strokes the upper walls of the vagina and teases the g-spot.The base of the vaginal stimulator is covered with sensitivity-increasing nodules that stimulate the outer vagina and lead to the bobbled clitoral stimulator. Tingle Tip - Just pop over the head of your wand massager and there you have it, fully bobbled for your pleasure clitoral stimulator, if your into your wands this is a must have attachment. Male Masturbation - Pop over the head of wand massager and insert your length through the sleeve, turn on the vibrations and feel powerful sexual sensations like never before.

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